Arbitrage AI System

AI-empowered, risk-free crypto trading system

Arbitrage is a common strategy used that involves the profiting from price discrepancies between exchanges. The inception of cryptocurrency has developed various arbitrage modes, making arbitrage an essential part in the crypto market.

Altimates arbitrage AI system is built on Blockchain technology and Altimates Intelligence (AI), allowing access to the tools and services that were originally available only to high-net-worth individuals. With the integration of Altimates Intelligence (AI) robots in Altimates platform, arbitrage trading can be instant and risk free as arbitrage opportunities are endless.

AAIS Features

Altimates 5th Gen Arbitrage Mode makes access to crypto arbitrage trading easier with links to 20 main crypto exchanges for accessibility to multiple exchanges in one window screen and upgraded features.

Quick Trade

With quick trade, users not only gain a stable investment income but also hands-on trading experience through Altimates platform.

Arbitrage AI System Plan

Arbitrage AI System (AAIS) plan are specifically designed for investors of all levels based on their investment needs and preference. Subscribe to our plans to enjoy exclusive new features.


1,000 AIT

  • 0.025% Transaction Fee
  • Unlimited Supported Exchanges
  • Quick Trade
  • AI Auto Mode
  • Unlimited social trades
  • Market Tracking & Signal
    (Unlimited currencies)
  • 30 Days AI Market Predictions
    (Unlimited currencies)
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